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YAD Capital is an alternative asset management firm that seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by opportunistically investing in financing products with term under two years and expected yields ranging from the low-teens to mid-twenties.

We provide a select group of qualified high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutions access to unique investment opportunities.

We thoroughly build our portfolio through extensive due diligence and investment selection to ensure compliance with our strategy. We strive to provide uncorrelated alpha, low volatility, and diversification.

We currently invest in two strategies: Merchant Cash Advance and Real Estate Financing.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance is a financing solution for small businesses whereby a company sells a portion of its future revenues at a discounted purchase price in exchange for a lump sum payment.

Marketplace lending is a relatively new segment of the alternative investment landscape that was born following the Great Recession of 2008. As banks tightened their lending standards and faced increased regulatory oversight, they exited many segments of the direct lending market. The result created a void of lending solutions that we intend to fill.

We acquire participation interests sold by companies that have made Merchant Cash Advance to various businesses. We diversify our portfolio by investing across the entire spectrum of opportunity set (industry, geography, and quality of paper) and we monitor our portfolio on a daily basis.

YAD Funding
Opportunity LP

Final Closing: March 31, 2018
Currently investing

YAD Funding
Opportunity II LP

Final Closing: September 30, 2018
Fully invested

YAD Funding
Opportunity III LP

Final Closing: April 30, 2019
Currently investing

YAD Funding
Opportunity IV LP

Expected Closing: December 31, 2019
Recently launched

2,600+Businesses Funded
1,300+Paid Off Advances
49States + D.C.

Real Estate Debt

YAD Capital is a fully-integrated, nationwide real estate investment firm that sources, underwrites, closes, and services commercial real estate debt. We seek to capitalize on complex special situations in which liquidity and time are limited.

Instruments:Senior Secured loans, Mezzanine debt and Preferred Equity investments
Purpose:Acquisition and/or Refinancing
Deal Size:Up to $50 million
Holding:6 months to 36 months
Geography:Continental US
Asset Class:All commercial real estate assets

We also acquire first lien U.S. residential and commercial real estate loans that are non-performing, sub-performing, in default or in foreclosure proceedings.

Representative Investments

74-unit residential
real estate project

Central New Jersey
Preferred Equity
August 2019
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David Perez

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David Perez


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Daniel Rubin

Co-Founding Partner

Daniel Rubin


Press Release

September 26, 2019

YAD Capital partners with Fusion Foundation to bring its alternative credit portfolio onto Fusion’s cryptofinance ecosystem

The fractionalization of assets enabled by blockchain will bring transparency in the merchant cash advance industry and broaden our global reach to investors.

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